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Interesting comment by Beckham just now


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1 hour ago, Tony-OH said:

Pretty interesting. I may know more by this afternoon.

I always assumed it took an entire staff to run a ball club. I never once assumed Dan was doing all the work himself. I figured these situations (trades contracts transactions Etc) are operated like "War rooms," with many individuals involved.

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I like what Beckham brings so far and that's pretty much what I expected him to bring, despite his meh numbers on the year. Beckham has already lavished praise on the camaraderie in the clubhouse and the energy here, which at this point we know is an actual Real Thing about the Orioles clubs of the last few years, regardless of their success. 

Maybe it's just a end-of-season boost for him and he'll be another De Aza by next year, but he's exactly the type of player that can provide a pick-me-up. I also like that he's wearing the familiar #1 of former spark-plug Roberts. 

He comes advertised as a swing for the fences pull hitter, but all three of his XBH have gone to RCF or RF. Interesting. 

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