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Buck: Chris will be a good pitcher next year


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20 minutes ago, weams said:

It's you that I do not understand. All 30 teams would love to have Searage. Would Searage be good with all 30 teams? 15? 5? Any? Who knows.

I don't know whether he would be good for all of them or not, and I didn't mean to suggest that he would. I just said that all teams would love to have a pitching coach who was as successful as Searage at turning careers back around and going in the right direction.

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Just now, birdwatcher55 said:

Is Tillman fixable? Is he facing surgery? He's been a bit of a mystery this year. I would offer him a modest one year deal and that's about it.

Not sure. Don't think surgery is the plan, at least from what I can surmise.

I've been saying all year that despite his claim to be healthy there are lingering effects from his injury that have changed his arm slot. That can be a mechanical nightmare for someone who had already simplified his delivery and had success. 

If he can find the arm slot he had prior to the injury it will improve his chances.

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1 hour ago, birdwatcher55 said:

Mazzone had nothing to work with here. If then was now, he would have Bundy, Gausman and maybe Harvey and Hess by mid season.

I wouldn't say he had nothing.    His opening day rotation in 2006 was Rodrigo Lopez, Erik Bedard, Bruce Chen, Kris Benson and Daniel Cabrera.   Bedard was a budding star, Lopez, Chen and Benson were established veterans, and Cabrera had good stuff but serious command issues.     As a group, they won 352 major league games, not bad, but three shy of what Greg Maddux won by himself.

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