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Describe what you think the O's should be looking for in starters


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How about Trumbo for Jason Hammel.

K.C. could use a first baseman when Hosmer likely signs elsewhere  in free agency. They could also use him to platoon with Brandon Moss  as a part-time DH or right fielder.

Hammel is still throwing 92-93, is only 34  and is a bounceback candidate. At worst he gives you 180 innings of 5 era for 11 million as a 5th starter.. We might have to kick in 5-6 million due to Trumbo's second year.

Sign Garcia 3 yrs, 42m and Chatwood 3 yrs, 36 m.

Trade Britton to Houston for Brad Peacock (arb. eligible, 3 yrs of control surprisingly) and Hector Perez, a hard throwing starter now but possibly a future closer.

Peacock is your 6th  starter instead of the Mike Wrights of the world. and with Castro gives alot of innings. 






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8 hours ago, Yardball85 said:

Not a bad idea, I would like Samardzija.  Any change they take Trumbo, O'Day, and a prospect such as Jomar Reyes?

I would like Samardzija too, but it would take a good bit more, especially if the Orioles don't pay some of Trumbo's salary.  Maybe Trumbo, Givens, and Reyes (or other grade 45ish prospect) plus 10 million.  Reyes and the 10 million even out the negative Trumbo value, Givens for Samardjiza straight up.

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I have a feeling that the O's will sign Anibal Sanchez to a small 1-year deal. I think he could do well in the Alec Asher role. The occasional spot start and the 6-7th inning guy when the starter only goes 5. He still has a pretty good strikeout rate that should help in the middle relief role. This is the Freddy Garcia style signing, but a little better. He also seems like a decent guy and could provide some veteran knowledge to younger guys.

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