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Heyman Says The Dodgers and Cubs Are Interested in Britton Again


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2 minutes ago, section18 said:

Jon Heyman says the Dodgers and Cubs are interested in obtaining Britton from the Orioles.  I would look for Houston to try one more time as well.

What would be a fair deal with each team? Who has the most to offer?

When trying to value Britton, you have to look at the alternatives.  Wade Davis and Greg Holland are the free agent alternatives, they will likely require a multi-year (4) commitment at somewhere near 12-16 million per year. Britton if you think he is his 2016 self he is the best of those options.  However there are plenty of reasons to worry that he'll be more like the diminished 2017 version.  He'll probably be due 12+ million so he's cheaper in years, but not much cheaper in 2018 salary.  I think I would be happy to get a Keegan Akin/DJ Stewart level prospect (top 200 type) and a low minors upside guy.  I just don't see a top 100 guy or a major league asset for one year at a decent salary for a guy who has injury risk.

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Just now, wildbillhiccup said:

I would love to work something out with the Cardinals, and they seem to be in the market for a closer. They also seem to want to add a big bat (i.e., the Stanton trade chatter). I wonder if there's any scenario in which they'd take Zach and Chris D? 

Davis would be a dumpster fire in St. Louis. He's tailor built for Camden Yards, and would be horrible in the pitcher's paradise that is St. Louis

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Just now, Il BuonO said:

Yeah, the problem there is his increasing salary. Money which could go towards a front line starter.

Well, a #4 with the Orioles.

His salary should not increase all that much from last year. If you really want to compete this year if you're the O's, you keep Britton unless someone knocks down the door with an offer. If not, then keep him until the deadline. Teams like the dodgers and Astros will come beating down the door if Britton is healthy. Same to a lesser extent with Brach. This will all happen if we're absolutely terrible, which I don't see happening unless everyone gets hurt. 

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