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How for real is Jay Bruce?


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Just wondering, do most of you all think this guy's gonna be one of the greatest players ever? Constant MVP candidate? Legend? Or is he overrated?

Considering starting collecting him on eBay. His rookie autos are going for like 40 now. If he goes on to hit 700 homers in his career, that could be 400. What does everyone think about him?

Also, if you're in the mood to analyze random players for the sake of helping someone find undervalued eBay buys, your thoughts on:

-Chris Lubanski

-Lastings Milledge

-J.P. Arencibia

-Alex Gordon

-Billy Butler

-Jordan Danks


Thanks very much.

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Perrennial all-star probably.

I'd buy some Justin Upton stuff on eBay. 20 yrs old, more than holding his own as the everyday RF. Upton would have been the number 1 prospect this year over Bruce I think if he had a few less AB's.

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