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Chris Webber's Timeout from the 1993 National Championship Game


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1 hour ago, backwardsk said:


The 30 for 30 was good. You could see an assistant coach or player on the bench, I can't remember exactly, calling for a timeout and that's when Webber picked up his dribble.




I believe that those people on the Michigan bench were calling for a timeout as soon as Webber got the rebound. In fact, that is when Webber initially called the timeout, but the referee did him a favor by ignoring it. Also, the fact that Webber dribbled the ball directly into the corner (where he knew that it would be easy for the Carolina defenders to trap him) made it pretty clear that he was intent on calling timeout all along ........ again, with the encouragement of at least 2 people on the Michigan bench. The referee also ignored the fact that Webber traveled immediately following his initial request for a timeout, right after the rebound.


In hindsight, fate might have been kinder to Webber if the referee had called him for the traveling. For starters, if he had called Webber for the traveling, Michigan still would have had an outside shot at tying the game with a 3-pointer. They would have had to hope for somebody besides Donald Williams to get the ball, although that would have been unlikely. But if they had managed to force Carolina to inbound the ball to somebody besides Williams, there is a decent possibility that the shooter would have missed at least one of the 2 free throws, which would have still left hope for Michigan to tie it with a trey.

But even if Carolina had sunk both free throws and put the game out of reach after the referee had called the travel, it would have been considerably less dubious for Webber and Michigan to lose the game on a travelling call than it would have been to lose it on calling a timeout which they did not have like they did.



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