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C Martin Cervenka selected in AAA portion of rule 5

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Tony , what do you see in Araujo that makes you want to let him go?   He seems like a strong young man (25) with decent stuff that was rushed because he was a selected in the Rule 5 draft.   Do you think he could develop into a good reliever/?  Maybe a piece in the O's next playoff run?

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On 9/26/2018 at 4:53 AM, wildcard said:

So who out of this group would you not protect?

Staters - (11) Bundy, Cashner, Cobb, Harvey, Hess, Means, Oritiz,  Ramirez, Rogers,  Yacabonis, Tate.

Relievers -  (15)  Araujo, Bleier, Carroll,  Castro, Fry. Givens, Gilmartin, Hart, Meisinger, Phillips,  Scott, Wright,  Flaa, Kline, Luis Gonzalez

Catcher (4)  Cervenka, Joesph, Sisco, Wynns

Infielders ( 6)    Beckham,  Davis, Nunez,  Valera, Villar, Wilkerson

Outfielder ( 6) Hays, Mancini, Mullins, Rickard, Stewart, Santander

DH (1) Trumbo

Rule 5 Draft (2)

Total (45)


That would be awesome if someone selected Trumbo in the Rule 5.

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3 hours ago, wildcard said:

If Beckham is non tendered then Wilkerson is either the 2B or UIF.  Until the O's can find better. 

Santander will turn 24 in October.  He is exactly the kind of prospect the rebuilding O's should be trying to develop.


Satander is a  prospect who can't hit or field.  Wilkerson is what 27?  Already suspended for PEDs.  I don't think anyone would claim him if he was removed from 40 man. 

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5 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:

 Do we really take up a spot on our 40 man roster all off season on a guy that could give up 3 runs in an inning and his whole stat line being blown?

You could make a case for not protecting over half the team.  I don't see a reason to protect him as I doubt he would be claimed and there are probably a bunch of minor league free agents who could do as well as him. 


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As a reminder:  Players on the 40 man roster are automatically protected from the Rule 5 draft.  And, the only way to "expose" a 40 man roster player to the Rule 5 draft is to outright him back to the minors - which means you exposed him to all the other teams via waivers.  It's much easier/better for a team to pick up a player through waivers than through the Rule 5 because - assuming the player still has option years - he can be sent back down to the minors at any time.  So, if a player is DFA'd and is not picked up via waivers, it's highly unlikely he'll be selected in the Rule 5 draft.  Saying we need to "expose" someone to the 40 man roster to the Rule 5 draft doesn't make much sense - just say we need to cut him.

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I think ya almost have to protect him if he's decent defensively.  His post all-star game stats included a .999 OPS, 20 walks vs 17 SO's, and - I know RBI's is generally an unimportant stat, but he had 31 in 109 at bats.  It all might be a flukish streak, but maybe the light went on for him.  Because he's a catcher, you don't want to lose him.  

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