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Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal


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Just now, Moose Milligan said:

You can probably find worse teams in MLB.

I'm convinced you won't find a dumber franchise than the Orioles.

It makes me wonder how we had 5 straight winning seasons or whatever.  It's like they Forest Gumped their way into winning baseball.  I'm not sure how it happened.

Andy MacPhail and Dan Duquette running into good fortune with Miguel Gonzalez, Wei Yin Chen, Jason Hammel and Bud Norris.  

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Just now, Redskins Rick said:

Doesn't matter now, that Britton is injured. He has no trade value.

Well, obviously. I was clearly referencing that this club shouldn't be holding on to pieces like Britton at the trade deadline when their cost goes up the following year and are further at risk for injury.

I mean, Duquette did this with Jim Johnson. Held on to him at least a year too long...and we ended up with a $10m closer being traded to the Athletics for absolutely nothing but a salary dump.

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First of all:   This sucks.   For the Orioles, for Zach's earning potential as a free agent.

Second of all:  anyone drawing a conclusion that this somehow reinforces the incompetence of the Orioles front office is grasping at straws.   I'm not saying we shouldn't have dealt him, but anyone who thinks this somehow "proves" or reinforces the fact that we should have, is being silly.   Suppose we had dealt him, and then Givens had been the unlucky guy to tear his Achilles?   Would that "prove" we shouldn't have dealt Britton because now we would be really thin at the back end of the bullpen?   Of course not.

We probably should have dealt him in July, for all the reasons that have been discussed ad nauseum.   But this fluke injury doesn't add to that argument in any way.   It's a fluke injury.

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3 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

Just awful for everyone around. The Orioles wouldn't have any luck of they didn't have bad luck. Guess trading Britton for whatever they could have gotten at the deadline last year would have looked good now in hind site. As they always say, better to get rid of a guy a year early then a year late. 

Sucks for Zach as well. This has to hurt his value overall.

Looks like we get another year of Brach blowing saves like it's his job. This really should be the final nail in competing next year. They must trade Machado now.

I agree. White flag this 2018 team. Move what you can that won't be in your 2019 plans for whatever you can that will. The faster they can get ahead of a 2019 or 2020 plan the more likely they can actually make that a reality...

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13 minutes ago, webbrick2010 said:

Doesn't it seem like there has been a big spike in achiles injuries across all sports?

If so, what is causing it? To much weight training building up (tightening) some muscles and putting unnatural stress on tendon?

Just spit balling off the top of my head... but I just don't remember this injury being so prevalent as it has been

Suggs (twice), Steve Smith, Jimmy Smith....

It does seem that way.

In football I've figured it was due to how big the guys are combined with how fast they are.   So much weight being carried by the foot at such high speeds.

Some of the 300 pound DEs who can still run 4.55 40s are just utter freaks of nature.

Obviously doesn't apply to Zach.

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5 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

Andy MacPhail and Dan Duquette running into good fortune with Miguel Gonzalez, Wei Yin Chen, Jason Hammel and Bud Norris.  

OK, so we criticize (rightly) their bad moves to no end on this board, in hundreds and hundreds of posts.

And now we chalk up their good moves to "good fortune".

Yeah, no agenda there.   Totally fair analysis.  :mad:

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3 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

I thought O's were taking offers and rebuild is still under consideration? I am so confused about the plan this offseason. Maybe there just isn't one.

Oh they have a plan alright. The plan is to frustrate their fan base with their indecisiveness. Lol

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