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Yanks sign Ponson.


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I hope the O's do a tribute to Him...send him some corona's to the visiting clubhouse. For the video tribute they can have him just turning around to the out field sky trying to find the ball leaving the yard.


He might just fit in with the evil ones:angryfire:

It is hopless for him now.....He has crossed to the dark side!:vader:

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I'm actually a little worried. Besides the fact that he is a huge idiot he was pitching pretty well. I can only hope that the sir sydney we all know and love will show up for the yanks,,,,,
This is the first step in making my nightmare come true.

1. Yanks sign Ponson.

2. Yanks deal for Bedard.

3. Ponson/Bedard/Mussina win World Series together...:puke:

LOL I was waiting for these reactions.

This is how my Cub fan brethren reflexively view any comparable signing by the $%* Cardinals. Whatever dreck they sign off of the scrapheap seems suddenly to pitch like Pedro or hit like Bonds.

Whenever a desperation signing like this it happens, there's not so much snickering as a sense of imminent dread.

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