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2018 Chris Tillman

Il BuonO

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2 hours ago, Frobby said:

I don’t think Buck will want to stay with 13 pitchers for long.    His history is that he’ll go with it for short periods when the bullpen has been pressed, but reverts back to 12 as soon as feasible.   

The real issue here is how long should they kick the can down the road with Tillman?    Not long, unless he shows improvement IMO.   You can’t keep sending a guy out there with an ERA north of 6, much less north of 8.

It needs to happen, but look at what the options are right now,

1.  Wright 

2.  Castro

3.  Hunter Harvey 

Wright had a terrible ST. Castro had a bad ST and is off to a meh start. 

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9 minutes ago, sportsfan8703 said:

We’re 8-18 in the last 26 games he’s pitched with 3 quality starts by him. That’s .285 baseball. 

I don’t know what move we are going to make, but one needs to happen. Tillman is done. 

I never thought I'd say this but I have more confidence we have a chance to win when Mike Wright takes the mound. So, what exactly do we do with Tillman when Cobb comes up?

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5 hours ago, Frobby said:

Whether or not Buck does trust Tillman, the real question remains: should Buck trust Tillman?   7.84 ERA, 1.89 WHIP last year, 8.68 ERA, 2.46 WHIP so far this year.    There’s a very good chance that Aquino, Ynoa (once healthy) and dozens of other guys who are freely available can do better than that, whether or not they are “dominating” in AAA.   Wright in his career has been much better than that.   Ubaldo and Hellickson were much better than that last year.   Finding someone to improve substantially on that isn’t hard at all.

So the question is simply, how long do the O’s wait for Tillman to improve drastically.    I’ll say this:   Tillman has one more start and Wright has two (including today) before Cobb returns.   If Wright has two more starts like his last one, and Tillman has one more like his last two, I think it would be managerial malpractice to leave Tillman in the rotation once Cobb is back.    And I’m someone who didn’t think Tillman’s start yesterday was all negative.

I think this sums up the situation perfectly. Cobb will be here soon - and that point, the weaker starting pitcher out of Tillman and Wright goes elsewhere. Wright had a decent start against the Astros, but let's see how he does today. 


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Just now, Frobby said:

No joke.    Awful performance from Wright.    Lord I can’t wait for Cobb to get up here.   

Of course Cobb being up just means we have to watch one of them instead of both of them.

With the other very possibly being moved to the BP causing an even greater lack of flexibility.

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58 minutes ago, ReclaimTheCrown said:

Well Chris is lookin’ pretty good right about now hah...


45 minutes ago, ReclaimTheCrown said:

I’m joking...

Yeah, anytime Tillman looks good in comparison to the other options I find myself laughing quite often.

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