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Roch comments on Matusz and Miclat status

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On MASN's pregame show, Roch Kubatko said that the O's were close to signing Matusz, and though he wasn't sure it would happen during this homestand, he thought it would get done comfortably before the Aug. 15 deadline. He said the O's and Miclat were further apart, but that he still thought a deal would get done.

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I knew it! Now the Sun is saying this signing may take longer than they thought.

It's a painful process, no doubt, but considering the load Matusz had this year, it's not killing him to miss this time. As for Miclat, the guy is coming off a shoulder injury and now he broke his finger. He's five foot eight at best and is not going to hit for power. He can't find a better opportunity than the Orioles organization as a shortstop.

At this point, if I'm the Orioles, I tell him to take slot or go back to school. In fact, I'd tell him every week he doesn't sign the offer drops $10,000.

If he wants to go back to college, more power to him, but he shouldn't lead teams into thinking he will sign when he obviously thinks he's worth more than where he was drafted.

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Here's as good a thread as anything...

From Roch Kubatko

I know many of us are curious where first-round pick Brian Matusz will be pitching later - the Arizona Fall League or the Hawaiian Winter League. Either way, I'm trying to milk a trip out of MASN.

I'm aware of the rule concerning only one player below Double-A being allowed on an AFL roster, and the Orioles already have designated Single-A Frederick's Brandon Snyder for the Rafters of Surprise, AZ. That would suggest that Matusz either is going to pitch in Hawaii or be assigned to Double-A Bowie.

Or neither.

I'm told that the Royals have two Single-A players on the Surprise roster and the Orioles simply need approval from Major League Baseball to include two of their own. That would allow them to send Snyder and Matusz, which seems to be their preference.

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