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Rays Closer stung by Royals...


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Tampa Bay is definitely starting to show signs of withering. Their much hearlded young hitters and pitchers are suddenly suspect...perhaps faltering under the pressure and the daunting task of sustaining success.

Like the overachieving 2005 Orioles, the Rays blasting out of the gates with a fury that was totally unexpected. The big question: is a collapse for the Rays as inevitably predictable as it was for the Orioles? There is no doubt that the Red Sox are a vastly superior team, as are (arguably) the Yankees. So what are the odds that the Rays will be wearing Ciderella's slippers and going to The Ball at season's end?

They've hit a rough stretch and I have no idea if they have enough to win the division or wildcard. But they aren't going to wither, they will work their way through this and and finish with 90+ wins.

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