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Moose Milligan

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I've gone on record as not caring about who our SS is...that they're all essentially the same.

But that was inexcusable...ITS ON ASTROTURF!!!


That was a hard hit ball, but he was square in front of it. Pretty much a routine play. Hit hard enough that he had all the time in the world to make that throw to first.

You know Billy Ripken is sitting there thinking "Cal would have had that in his sleep..."

Actually it is Fieldturf which isn't as hard as Astroturf but your point still stands...

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Actually, I'd say that's a pretty good excuse. Not forgiving Bynum, he's not a defensive SS by any means. But astroturf effin' sucks.

It's like taking groundballs in the gym when your HS baseball practice gets rained out. It's quicker, but it's not going to surprise you.

Yes, Bynum feels bad... but he should feel bad. He cost the team a chance to win the game

And thank you Ramon for the throw into CF

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Lets look on the bright side..... Freddie Bynum just took us one step closer to pulling off more trades at the deadline because it will be more obvious that this team is not a contender.

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