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O's @ Jays---7/10


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Ramon looks like he's just given up and is resigned to the fact that Wieters is coming for his job.

You know, you really have a ridiculous anti-Ramon agenda. Ramon was hitting .276 for the month going into tonight. He had a key RBI hit yesterday. 2 unsuccessful AB's and he's "just given up."

Don't get me wrong, if we can trade him now and bring up Wieters, we should. But this daily character assassination gets old.

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I'm hoping by August... no need to wait. Ramon is done.

He's driven in quite a few key runs for us this season. I know. I think I've seen half of them in person.

This whole "Ramon is done. Ramon's given up. Ramon doesn't try anymore," thing is complete and utter garbage. I get it. You want Wieters up, regardless of whether we're rushing him or not. But like Frobby said... this daily assassination of Ramon's character is stunning and ridiculous.

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Payton misplayed the ball. It could have been caught.

got ya. i thought that was a basehit all the way. be content w the fact that luke prob would not have caught that either.

we need a quick inning from guthrie here.

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