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O's at Sox 7/11


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I wish I could see. I'm at my parents' house with no cable (and no mlb.tv for the O's since I'm in Baltimore) so I've been listening on the radio. I've never seen Pedroia's facial hair. Is it like Youkilis'? Anyway I don't think he's growing it to outweigh Brian, more like because he's going bald on top of his head at 23 so he feels the need to grow hair wherever he can. :P

Will you be at the Hangout Game?

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Will you be at the Hangout Game?

There's actually a slight chance I might be but I'm not sure yet. I have to go back to NJ before then, but I have a job interview in Asheville on the 21st so I might stop in Baltimore on the way and my sister has been bugging me to come down and go to a game with her. Not sure which night that will be though.

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Thank You LUKE:epic:

let me know bluberry...k?

I will let you know. I'll probably see how my sister feels about sitting in the Hangout seats if we end up going that night. She shouldn't be too scared of all us internet O's geeks... she was friends with Rollie Fingers in high school.

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