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Offense Observations After Boston Series


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We differ on our ideas of "talking baseball". I think that it means engaging in a give and take with other posters while keeping my mind open and more likely than not learning something.

Your idea appears to be:

1. Make outlandish and unverifiable statements.

2. Ignore all posters that attempt to correct your outlandish statements with facts and stats usually by ignoring them.

3. If you do address them, its only to claim that their stats and logic are gibberish and equivalent to witchcraft.

4. Change the subject by making another outlandish and unverifiable statement.

5. Rinse and repeat.

As long as you continue 1-5 we can never "talk baseball".

Which is why, after doing a few responses last night, I didn't bother this morning. Sometimes responding, even in this thread, brings out interesting stats, but at this point most of my responses would just be requoting things already said. (Actually, OldFan hasn't been as bad this morning as the last few days, but he's still not looking at the actual stats if they don't back up his POV.)


"You can never reason a person out of a position he didn't reason himself into."

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Exactly. A quick look through the stats will show you that Nick's a better hitter. I get the love for Huff because he's been a great player this year (and as larrytt corrected me on, a few times over his career). But there's no way that he's a better hitter or means more to the Orioles than Nick does right now.

Roberts is probably my first-half MVP, followed by Nick, Huff, J.J., Guthrie, and Jones.

The reason I picked Huff is he is performing way above expectations whereas Roberts and Markakis while both doing quite well are essentially performing at status quo. In other words they aren't over-achieving like Huff seems to be in comparison.

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I'm curious as to why you drew the above sample the way you did? Why not just do it month to month?

Because I was trying to capture the exact peaks and valleys of his hot streaks and slumps. The way you did it makes it look like Scott was consistent throughout April and May, when in fact he was ice cold for three weeks and very hot the rest of the time.

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