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Students didn't show up


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On 11/3/2018 at 2:28 PM, Canson80 said:

They are a piece of crap

LOL.  Why do they have to show up for a football game?  Do you make that statement when they don't show up for women's lacrosse?  Or Men's swimming?  They should shut down the football program.  Save the students some money. 

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    • Henderson is gong to play 3B, Ortiz isn’t ready and Holiday is still years away. The team has issues with OBP and Run Differential.    Elias has said he’s going to add a SP that obviously better than Lyles and 2 hitters with one being a MOO bat. Continuing on playing the kids doesn’t say you are in compete now mode. If they are doing what Elias said hes got more than $30 million to play with. Otherwise he’s not getting it done. Moving forward I expect them to trade off some of the prospects and keep the best ones, working them in when they are ready.
    • Bench him for April and May.  That way when he has a mild hamstring pull in July and misses four starts he can finish the year with 100 innings and we can do this again in 2024.
    • I think if he stays healthy there wont be anything stopping him this season. I can see them pulling him after 5-6 innings early on but as time goes on and he keeps progressing those limits will fade and he will rack up the innings this year. IF he stays healthy
    • Man, all this Correa talk reminds me of Tex rumors on him coming to baltimore. I am just tired of hearing about a move that doesnt make sense for how this team has to compete for the long term. If you read and listen to what ME says something like this is not the way they will be doing business. I do not understand why so many people are clamoring for Correa. I didn't want him for his price last year and I more so don't want it this year. We can be much smarter about how we spend payroll and I hope ME is that smart as well, and I believe he is. 
    • In 2012 they should have kept him on the shelf until partway through the season so he could pitch into September/October. But IIRC the Nats were a surprise team that year and played well above anyone’s expectations.    I know I’m probably the only one that’ll say this, but that’s what I’d like to see the Orioles do. Shelve him until 3/4 of the way through May so he doesn’t hit whatever innings limit they’re going to hold him to before the season is over.    Yes, I realize the games in April and May matter. But we’re playing a balanced schedule this year, more games against less competition from other divisions, not as much against the AL East. I’m confident that this team should be able to hold its own while G-Rod is on the shelf.    I think we’d all be pissed if we’re in playoff contention come September and he’s shut down because he’s reached an innings limit.  If they’re going to have to figure out where in the season to slot his 125-ish innings, I’d prefer it to be towards the back half of the season and allow rooM for playoff baseball. 
    • What about Brandon Drury to play 2nd base? He’d be upgrade offensively over Odor.
    • Whether committing  300 million to Correa is the finically responsible thing to do or not I’m not sure but Our lineup on paper would look a whole heck of a lot better with Carlos Correa penciled in at ss.
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