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July 18: Tigers @ Os Game 2


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Now, that's how it's supposed to go:

  • SP gets into the 7th
  • When he gets in a jam due to BS singles, Bradford saves his bacon with GB's.
  • JJ in the 8th
  • Sherrill in the 9th
  • Some late-inning runs to make it less tense.

That's the first according-to-plan game in a while...

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I'm talking about the Tigers pitcher; not Luke.

yeah. Their pitcher had less then 60 ABs recorded to get that 320 BA against. Similar to the limited AB Scott has against lefties. Neither are significant enough

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Dear Luke Scott,

I love you.

- Scrat

He was great all night as usual, waving and giving us love in LF, but after he hit the 2nd HR we all started bowing and chanting LUUUUUKE, and he gave us all a chest bump over his heart and pointed to us. He had a smile on his face every time he was in the field. My fav. LF since Brady (not including the Markakis trial).

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