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July 18: Tigers @ Os Game 2


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You can hardly blame Guthrie for that. He has done virtually everything we could have possibly asked of him with very little to show for it.

I am not blaming guthrie at all, he is our best pitcher. I am saying that things could be alot different if our starterS (notice I emphasize multiple starters) could pitcher deeper into innings.

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He didn't bash him. He said he didn't like his pitch selection. I didn't like it either. He pitched like garbage. Ramon didn't pitch like garbage. I'm not sure why he's to blame for Olson not getting it done...again.


I'm not saying Olson didn't suck, it's just that every single time Olson sucks Trembley makes no secret of how disgusted he is with him, whereas Ramon sucks just about every day and takes very little criticism from his manager. IMO Olson is trying his best and many of his mistakes are due to lack of confidence... something I don't think Trembley is exactly helping to build. I don't not think public criticism is going to help in his case, whereas calling out and/or benching to increase motivation could help with Ramon's situation.

Nice job Fahey! Every hit from him is a bonus... and I love how shallow they play him and how often they get burned by it. :D

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I can tell you that the pitches for all the home runs last night were the initial calls from Ramon. I went back and looked at the tape. Ramon called for back-to-back change ups to Inge with the second one being the home run. There are a lot of young pitchers that try very hard not to shake off a veteran catcher if they can help it.

I didn't like the pitch selection last night either, but it really isn't helpful IMO to say things like "he pitched like garbage", even if he did. It is just rude IMO. Not to mention that he didn't really pitch like garbage. He actually made a ton of really good pitches last night. He just threw two terrible pitches in bad spots that went for two run homers.

My 2 cents

If anything I say helps Olson, he's in trouble. Lucky for us, DT didn't call him garbage.;)

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