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July 19: Tigers @ O's Game 3


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Roberts has the green light on the bases. Sometimes he seems to try to get too big of a jump and gets caught. Bad situation to do it there though.

He relies on reading the P's motion, and he goes the millisec he decides the P is going home... that time, the P just fooled him, that's all...

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But why take risks against a pitcher with a 7 ERA w/ nobody out in the inning? Just a poor strategic decision IMO.

Because they want more runs, and I don't blame them for that.

Getting BRob RISP'd with no outs makes sense to me, as long as BRob's confident he can get there.

I think it's completely normal for BRob to read when the P is going home a split-sec prior to the P actually crossing the balk line.

The P's move just fooled him, that's all.

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