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Ramon Hernandez to the Yankees?

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So, the Yanks wouldn't part with Hughes in order to land Johan. But, Ramon Hernandez can pry him outta the Bronx? :laughlol:

You can't just say "Ramon Hernandez" and get the same affect. You must say they WOULD trade for (Jon Miller over the top latin pronunciation...channel Antonio Banderas a little bit) "Ray-mone. HAIRrrr....nan-dez." They'd trade for THAT guy, I'm sure. Now he sounds like a ballplayer.

Think positive!:D:D:D

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John (Cambridge): Christina, Would it be worth the Yankees while to get Ramon Hernandez for basically nothing but $, or is his defense so bad that they're better off without him?

Christina Kahrl: If there's one thing that would probably be unpopular in Baltimore, it would be helping the Yankees in any way, shape, or form, so I don't really see Hernandez going to the Yankees if they want to be concerned about how they're perceived by an understandably grumpy fan base.

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