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Nick Markakis Remaining In Atlanta 1 year $6 million


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34 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Assuming that is true...

I thought all the players only wanted the most money?

He's getting $10M from Atlanta if he plays 2 more years there.  Who knows how much more he was offered to play elsewhere.  Maybe there are degrees to how much more money would be an offer he could not refuse.

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Happy for Nick.    Still don’t think he gets to 3K hits.  But if he somehow pulls off around 180 hits for each of the next two years, which would probably result In a high 700 OPS and doesn’t decline any further defensively, maybe he gets two more years somewhere, but still probably comes up short right?   



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9 hours ago, Number5 said:

Nick has a common-sense take on things.  Refreshing.

That's really refreshing. I mean I get why guys like Harper and Machado want to be paid but that's just nice to see. I've missed seeing Nick play everyday the past few years. He's very very unlikely to go to the HoF but he's a legitimate Orioles HoFer and I'd defintiely attend his ceremony. 

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22 hours ago, Number5 said:

Nick has a common-sense take on things.  Refreshing.

Also, this:



Markakis fielded offers from other franchises. He had multiple years and more dollars on the table. He declined in favor of the Braves, an easy call largely thanks to his kids.

“I asked them where they wanted dad to be, and they all said ‘Braves,’” he said. “How could I say no to that?"



To those who say its always just about the money, I say, except when it isn't.   

By the way, the deal is 1/$4 mm for 2019, with a $6 mm team option for 2020 with a $2 mm buyout.   So, it could end up being a 2/$10 mm deal.   Very team-friendly.

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    • There are a few problems. One, Scott has regressed big time. He can't make shots at all. Young has a bit too, although he had a big game against Penn State. Those two need to score a lot if this team wants to do anything.  The team has zero depth. None of the freshmen have looked that good. Kaiser finally made some big shots tonight, but has struggled mightily. Same thing with Harris-Smith, he has struggled big time. We are counting on those two being impact players right away, and it doesn't look like they are. Lamothe doesn't get any playing time. There is no one off the bench that is good. Batchelor sort of sucks. Losing Martinez and Hart hurt a lot, they both brought energy and scoring. Long brings a little, but his game is limited. The good news is the season is still young. The losses against Davidson and UAB were bad without a doubt. Aside from that they don't have any bad losses. If they had lost against Penn State at home, which they almost did, that would have been trouble.  Julian Reese looks to have improved a lot, I will say that. He is not good at the free throw line, but he is a monster rebounder and can score around the hoop. Finally, 3 point shooting- they suck. Like really bad. Willard needs to recruit some shooters badly. If the freshmen improve and Scott finds his game, this team will get better. But I don't have any large hopes for this year. If they make the tournament as an 8-10 that would be a small miracle. 
    • Let us have our fun and hope for the worst possible outcome.   Soto was DRS  -4 and OAA -9 playing LF last year.  We can only hope it gets even worse in NY.   Surprisingly, his 35 homers show an expected home run total of only 27 if playing all games in Yankee Stadium.   In old Yankee stadium they used to call LCF Death Valley.  I guess it’s still kind of big out there.   Good luck in NY, Juan.  NOT!
    • It's still a great trade and the Yankees have deep enough pockets to replenish their pitching with FAs. It doesn't reak of desperation at all to me. Literally every team should have been calling the Padres about Soto when they put him on the market because players "that good" are rarely ever available. 
    • Back the truck up for Elias and Sig. 
    • It’s like the Yankees have a crystal ball with a look into their future with Soto and Stanton on the same roster. 
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