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    • Deep Depth. Lots of matchup possibilities within the limits of the rules. Several guys who can spot start. What's not to like? I think Kimbrel is a one inning only closer who will not likely throw 3 days in a row. Gotta have some guys ride the AAA shuttle so you can accommodate that.
    • He's just one of those guys that's gonna have to prove it to me. I see Kjerstad and I'm like, yes, that's a dude, I see it. I don't have that with Cowser for whatever reason. But I do understand Elias being hesitant to trade him.  That said, good luck getting these teams off your top tier of position player prospects (Holliday, Mayo, Kjerstad, Basallo, Cowser, Bradfield) and into the next tier (Ortiz, Westburg, Norby, Beavers, Fabian, etc). This is what I've been saying for a long time. Teams are just fixated on that top 5.  I don't think teams are really buying Ortiz and Westburg as difference makers - they want guys with bigger and louder upside. I think those teams are very stupid, but it is what it is. 
    • The Yankees gave up something like 8 pitchers to acquire Verdugo and Soto? That has to make a dent in their depth right.
    • Not only do you have Soto as a poor defender, but it pushes Judge to CF taking a good defensive corner outfielder and miscasting him, downgrading two positions. It'll be very interesting to see how often Grisham ends up playing. A lot of that depends on injuries (of course) and Stanton. If Stanton can't bounce back, the offense is still top heavy for the Yankees. And Boone may opt to DH Soto and put Grisham in CF to improve the defense given he had an identical OPS+ to Stanton last year.  And, to get Soto (and Verdugo) the Yankees traded a lot of pitching depth....so depending on what else they do this offseason, they may take a not-inconsequential hit on the run prevention side. 
    • It was a Boras joke/quip.  It means zilch.
    • Nashville looks like McCann's neck of the woods these days so he was in town and did a nice, long segment right after Elias. He shared some cool personal details, and was outstanding at Razorbacks trivia.  
    • That was the point of my previous post.  It would be nice to know when the wrist started bothering him.
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