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Over/under: Dylan Bundy wins 12 games?


Will Dylan Bundy win 12 games?  

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  1. 1. Over/under: Bundy wins 12 games

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Steve Melewski posted a bunch of questions today, including over/under on several propositions.   The one that intrigued me was Dylan Bundy winning 12 games.    He won 13 in 2017, 8 last year.    I expect him to pitch better this year but his offensive support should be worse than in 2017.    What say you?

Some of Melewski’s other over/unders were Davis hitting .240 or hitting 25 homers.    I don’t think those polls would be close.    

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10 and I would have a hard time picking. 12? Easy under bet I think. 

I looked at all of the team's under-70-win seasons since 2000. Because we know there's almost no way this team is getting above the 60s. 

Eight seasons, two 12 game winners. Rodrigo Lopez 15 W, 3.57 ERA in 2002 and Erik Bedard 13 W, 3.16 ERA in 2007. If you lower the threshold to 10 wins, Jeremy Guthrie made the cut three times, and once each for Matusz, Arrieta, Britton, and Jason Johnson. 

Even if Bundy pitches better, I just don't think this team would be good enough to pick over 12 wins for anyone who isn't an ace type. 

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