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D. Hernandez struggling a bit today


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I've seen games where that's exactly what happens. The pitcher strikes out a lot of guys and gets shelled at the same time. Never figured out why.

He really didn't get shelled. Only one hit was hit hard, while the other 4 were bleeders, bloopers and off the handle variety

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First before I make any comments on David's game today, my wife and I had a very good time in Bowie!!:) I would like to thank several people for my stay. Baysoxfan, for your photos of David and the cd you gave us, thanks alot. Baysoxusher for your pleasantries, thank you. JustD and Weams you are the greatest and thank you Weams for introducing me to Tony. Tony, thank you for your book and for your time, it's always great to talk baseball and especially about the prospects who will soon be Orioles!!


Thanks for your kind words. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and we are glad you enjoyed you visit with us. Hopefully you can make it back again before the season is over...you know when we hit the playoffs.

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