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Sat July 26 LAA @ BAL


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Yeah, it's time for Liz to go down. He isn't growing AT ALL up here.

He sucks.

You can almost see the logic behind Steve Trachsel now, though I didn't agree with it and still don't on principle. But you cannot count your chickens before they hatch.

It's not that Liz & Olson won't be decent big leaguers, but they're not ready and they're showing no signs of improving.

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It absolutely cannot continue. Our offense is very good and it doesn't matter because our starters throw batting practice. Bergesen, Hernandez, Berken, and Penn should all get try outs AND we need to start trading for pitchers like Reyes who was acquired for a high A ball reliever? We can't give that up?! Seriously. Unacceptable. If I was the offensive players on the O's I would start organizing a blanket party, full metal jacket style for Liz.

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I really don't think Liz can stay in the rotation anymore.

He didn't pitch well in Norfolk this year, let him go down and start there for the rest of the year.

Replace Liz and Burres in the rotation with Penn and Bergesen.

I'd still leave Olson in because he dominated in AAA, unlike Liz. Sending Olson to AAA wouldn't do him any good.

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The Liz experiment needs to come to a close. I hate seeing the O's have to score 8+ runs to win games in which he starts.

And for all of those people who say that the O's don't need starting pitching in the off season:

Exhibit A. Brian Burres last night

Exhibit B. Radhames Liz tonight

I know we have pitching prospects in the farm system, but wasn't Liz one of our best pitching prospects.

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