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Opposing Fan Invasions not Unique to Camden Yards...


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I kind of hoped that once the O's turned things around we'd be able to keep the Sox fan invasion down.

Milwaukee has been a pretty solid team for a couple of seasons now and apparently Miller Park is still being overrun by Cubs and Cardinals fans... Milwaukee is a great baseball town too.


I think it's going to be a long time before we can reclaim Camden Yards. A string of good seasons by the O's and a string of mediocre ones by the Sox.

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I don't think it'll ever change. The close proximity of Boston and NY to Baltimore will mean that a lot of their fans will continue to come see their teams play in BAL whether or not the O's are winning or their teams are losing. It probably won't be as crazy as it is now, but it'll never just go away.

Plus, it doesn't help that these 2 teams have the most non-city-citizen fans (IE, bandwagon fans) of any other team in baseball, and probably professional sports. So that means Red Sox and Yankee fans invade Seattle when their teams play in SAFECO.

That said, I was surprised at how many O's fans I saw in Yankee Stadium last Monday and I was also in DC to see the Sunday meltdown in person. It was probably half and half Nats to O's fans.

So we're not doing too bad ourselves.

Winning will help, but it's not going to make it go away for good.

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