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I'm looking for a stat source that breaks down a players performance by the teams he played on in a given year. For example, I'm going to want to see how Tex and Kotchman have done just for their new teams this season. Where can I find this?

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Probably the best site around if you're a baseball junkie. I think I look at it almost every day.

www.baseball-reference.com is the best and I always look at it everyday. It has everything including boxscores and pitch counts for pitchers, even how many he threw in particular inning (in the play by play section of the boxscore).

Last night, Olson at the bottom of the 9th -

Bottom of the 9th, Mariners Batting, Behind 0-10, Garrett Olson facing 4-5-6

--- 4 100% A Beltre Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B)

Jamie Burke pinch hits for Jose Lopez batting 5th

O 1-- 4 100% J Burke Popfly: SS (Weak 3B)

Jeff Clement replaces Jose Vidro playing DH batting 6th

1-- 3 100% J Clement Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Beltre to 2B

12- 6 100% M Cairo Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Weak 3B); Beltre to 3B; Clement to 2B

Lance Cormier replaces Garrett Olson pitching

To go one step further, it will even tell what the hitter did on the pitches. For instance last night, Olson against Beltre in the Bottom of the 9th.

1. Strike Swinging

2. Ball

3. Foul

4. Ball in Play

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