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Just curious, does anybody know how the host sites are selected from year to year? It's been, what, 14 years since it's been in Baltimore now? I realize that it typically switches off from year to year between AL and NL teams (with the exception of this and last year), and NYY is next year, STL in 2009.

I also realize that new stadiums get first dibs: (Proposed or planned stadiums)

Cisco Field-A's

Washington Stadium

Yankee Stadium II

Twins Ballpark

Citi Field-Mets

Miami Ballpark-Marlins

In addition to this, The Royals are to host a game between 2010 and 2014. Also, several teams have not hosted since we have in 1993 (Tampa Bay, Toronto, Arizona, San Diego, Minnesota, Chicago NL, LAA, LAD, Oakland, Cincinnati).

Memorial Stadium's only ASG was in 1958, 35 years before OPACY, think we'll have another in the next decade?

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Not in the next decade, no. I'd bet Washington will get it in the next decade, though, so we can always invade their park ;).

All of the new stadiums, with the probable exception of Yankee Stadium II since Yankee Stadium is hosting it next year, will get it in the next 10-15 years, I'd say. Also Arizona, since they've never hosted it, Cincinnati and their new place, and San Diego, despite the fact that they had it the year before us because of their new place.

Places like Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field will be thrown in there in as retro choices coming up. Wrigley last hosted in 1990, and Dodger Stadium in 1980. I'd say Oriole Park will get it again somewhere between 15 and 20 years from now.

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