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Rank Baseball's Ethical Trangressions

Boy Howdy

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"Imagine a college course where students hang out with Ron Coomer in the bowels of the Metrodome, watch video of Lenny Randle on all fours trying to blow Amos Otis’ famous squibbler into foul territory, spend hours debating nuanced baseball ethics, and ring up Major League umpires for help on their homework. Sounds like too much fun to be true? It’s not. That very course—an academic study in "baseball ethics"—was offered in the spring of 2008 at Carleton College, a top-tier liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota.

Taught in the American Studies Department by visiting professor Willy Stern, the course had this descriptive, if long-winded, title:

An inside look at fighting, cheating, corking, scuffing, sign-stealing, drinking, race-baiting, name-calling, spitting, law-breaking, gambling, spiking, bug-hiding, doping, tomato-dropping, game-fixing, arrow-shooting, grooving, spying, lying, head-hunting, water-logging, freezing, sand-dumping, ridge-building, tacking, greasing, superball-stuffing, skull-smashing, head-pounding, potato-carving, bribing, lemon-tossing, field-burning, filing and other everyday occurrences in our nation’s beloved past-time: A historical analysis of ethics and ethical decision-making in Major League Baseball."


Decide for yourself right here:


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I'm surprised that there's been no more interest in this topic. THT just posted a new article today with some of the results, so far, but there's still time for fans to participate in the survey.

[Description deleted] was voted the single most unethical act in the history of professional baseball, out of 133 such scenarios presented last week by THT. In the five days after posting that article, we received more than 35,000 votes on our ethical ranking page from many people like you, and the results are fascinating.

It's interesting how far down the Black Sox scandal placed. :)

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I've been reading through these articles and there are some mistakes in the scenarios. I suppose it's mostly irrelevant to the ethical debates, but I kind of get the feeling that some of the situations were lifted uncritically from books of tall tales and such.

Two John McGraw incidents came up almost immediately that couldn't be true, or almost certainly couldn't be. In the first they talk of McGraw holding the belt of Louisville baserunner Pete Browning to slow him down when tagging up on a sac fly. Problem is McGraw only played three games at third base during seasons that Browning was on Louisville. I'm sure McGraw did this to someone, as I've heard the story repeated many times. But Browning was probably inserted into the story to make it more fun, since he was one of the most unusual characters in baseball history.

Second one said McGraw tried to incite the Baltimore fans to throw bottles at the opposition in 1887. McGraw was 15 years old in 1887, and wouldn't make his debut in Baltimore until 1891.

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    • I see the boost in the offense coming from Westburg, Ortiz and Holliday with Cowser as the fourth outfielder.   They will be replacing Frazier, Urias and  McKenna. Later in the season Kjerstad and Mayo could be promoted.
    • I don’t mean it as a negative, but I think there is enough interest that teams will need to make aggressive bids and I just don’t see Elias outbidding a team like the Dodgers who are far more willing to trade high end prospects, especially ones that may be blocked.  Seems like Elias would rather burn through a prospect’s utility in AAA to ensure proper depth than take some risk and move somewhat redundant pieces to fill a hole with impact talent.
    • I'm a little concerned about continuity.   Holt will be there in ST.   But when the season begins he will not be with the team everyday and Holmes is gone.   I am interested to see if Justin Ramsey is promoted to assistant pitching coach.
    • @Chicago White Sox On the WS board.  He likes this package.  Interesting.   Where’s the defense you said you wanted? 1) Bold prediction, but I’m going with Cease to the Dodgers sometime Saturday afternoon for Busch, Sheehan, & Pages. 2) Interesting.  That seems like a pretty damn good package to me.  What’s your beef with the trade?  
    • Baseball America does their third update (3.0) on the Rule 5 listing 36 players.   Hudson Haskin is the only Oriole listed. Hudson Haskin, OF, Orioles Despite the shortened nature of the 2020 draft, Baltimore still managed to nab three of its 10 best prospects in OF Heston Kjerstad, IF Jordan Westburg and 3B Coby Mayo. But the third-highest bonus of the class actually belonged to outfielder Hudson Haskin ($1,096,800). A draft-eligible sophomore, Haskin rode a standout freshman season and a strong summer wooden bat league performance in the NECBL to the second round. Haskin has been solid across parts of three professional seasons. He spent the entire 2022 season with Double-A Bowie, hitting .264/.367/.455 over 109 games while starting at all three outfield positions and spending a majority of his time in centerfield. Haskin was limited to just 33 total games in 2023, hitting .287/.394/.443. He began the season with Triple-A Norfolk before hitting the injured list on April 17, missing a month of play. He returned to Triple-A on June 8 but played just 10 games before going down with a hip injury that required surgery. Haskin has shown enough impact with the bat and defensive value that he could potentially stick on an MLB roster devoid of outfield depth and versatility.
    • First off, if the Mets' front office were to accept that deal they'd be hung from lamp posts inside an hour. Second, I'd bet that either Mayo or maybe even Kjerstad will be a more productive MOO bat than Alonso by the start of the 2025 season. Giving those guys (and Holliday) 500 ABs this coming season will be all the boost our offense needs going forward. 
    • I guess it’s also possible the Os aren’t that interested in Cease, although that doesn’t make much sense.
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