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Chicks dig the long ball...


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And maybe the geeks who like to figure out how far they travel? ;)

This is a ridiculously cool website:


You can look at lists of who has the longest HRs by "measured" (ballpark tale of the tape) distance and by more accurate estimated distance, who has the highest velocity off the bat, homers broken down by ballpark, who hits the most "no doubt" HRs vs. "just enough" HRs, etc, and everything is linked to video so if you want to see, for example, Carl Crawford's 200-something foot inside the parker or Tony Clark's 482-foot behemoth blast, you can. All in all lots of cool data here.

The O's are unsurprisingly low on the distance meter, not showing up until Tejada's 434-footer on opening day.

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Wouldn't ya know...Jack Cust leads all of baseball with 5 "lucky homers."

Melvin Mora is right behind him with 4, and Roberts with 3.

Lucky Homers (Lucky Homer - A home run that would not have cleared the fence if it has been struck on a 70-degree, calm day.) are different from "Just Enough" homers (Means the ball cleared the fence by less than 10 vertical feet, OR that it landed less than one fence height past the fence. These are the ones that barely made it over the fence.)

Good stuff.

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