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8/11/08- Orioles vs Indians


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Brian Roberts - 2B

Nick Markakis - RF

Melvin Mora - 3B

Aubrey Huff - DH

Kevin Millar - 1B

Luke Scott - LF

Ramon Hernandez - C

Jay Payton - CF

Alex Cintron - SS

Dennis Sarfate - P

G Sizemore CF

D Dellucci LF

B Francisco RF

J Peralta SS

S Choo DH

R Garko 1B

S Fasano C

A Marte 3B

A Cabrera 2B

Already 2-0 with no one out in the bottom of the first.

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direct word from the Indians radio commentor:

"He touched the bag and it wasn't called, the tribe will take it!"

Interesting. The O's radio guys conceded that he was behind the bag and not even close. On top of that, he should have had a pretty easy play at first but took his usual couple of steps before making a weak throw.

Meanwhile, the three real baseball players in the infield turn a double play to get out of the inning. See how easy that is, Mr. "Shortstop"? :rolleyestf:

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Castro has a groin pull. He was supposed to come back today but was scratched from the lineup. But this is why Fahey should be the utility guy instead of Cintron.

He needs to suck it up and play :D Cintron started out decent but continues to fall into the "unbearable to watch" category.

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