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8/11/08- Orioles vs Indians


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I had to logon just to say that everything ever is Ramon's fault. Everything. EVER.

As much as I despise Ramon, I'm going to have to disagree. Everything is Cintron's fault. It's an Orioles shortstop thing.

He caused Ramon's brain fart by being so horrible at catching baseballs that Ramon was afraid to throw to him (I'm only half joking on that one) and spread his Cintron germs to Mora, causing him to screw up that other play. Also made Jamie Walker get old, Castillo hit those batters, Sarfate not be capable of starting and the O's organization think he was. After the game tonight, Cintron is going to steal an SUV and drive it over Markakis, Roberts, Huff, Guthrie and Johnson. Then he'll drive it to Bowie and take out Matt Wieters. :P

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