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Every situation is unique. Wieters was overslot, but he was a once every five to 10 years catching prospect. Arrietta had high bonus demands up front and slipped in the draft and held out for what he wanted. Bundy had injury issues and slid in the draft, but Bundy probably also communicated what it would take to sign him. etc, etc, etc.

Matusz did not slip in the draft. He was drafted fourth overall based on merit. He can make a case for getting above slot based on merit, but I do not consider him much better than early first round picks like Reynolds, Lincoln, Vitters, that he should be asking north of $3.5M. Fair $ for this pick is between $2.75M and $3.25M.

Yep..100% agree, especially the bolded part.

Of course, according to his letter, fair is all he is looking for. :rolleyes:

Gordon Beckham, the 8th pick, signed for $2.6 mm today. $2.75 mm for Matusz doesn't get it done, and frankly, I doubt $3.25 mm does either.

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