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Aug 18th O's vs. Sox


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No Game thread yet?

For the Orioles:

Roberts - 2B

Markakis - RF

Mora - 3B

Huff - DH

Hernandez - C

Millar - 1B

Scott - LF

Payton - CF

Castro - SS

Guthrie - P

For the Red Sox:

Ellsbury - RF

Pedroia - 2B

Ortiz - DH

Youkilis - 3B

Bay - LF

Lowrie - SS

Casey - 1B

Varitek - C

Crisp - CF

Lester - P

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Has the 50 millionth fan come yet?

Yeah I was wondering the same thing.

How crazy would it be if it's within 5k of 50 mill after tonight? How about 1k? That would be insane.

I'd probably consider camping out overnight downtown if it was close enough.:D

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This may not be Guthrie's night -- a double, 2 HR's and 4 fly outs so far in 1.2 IP. He's not getting the ball down. (Or at least, that's what I infer, as I'm only following GameDay.)

I'm doing the same. He's also throwing a lot of balls. Hopefully he settles and the offense does its part.

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This may not be Guthrie's night -- a double, 2 HR's and 4 fly outs so far in 1.2 IP. He's not getting the ball down. (Or at least, that's what I infer, as I'm only following GameDay.)

He's not getting the ball down at all. Just about every ball has been put in the air.

In the first, the Pedroia fly out was to the warning track and the Ellsbury out was a high fly ball.

In the second, obviously there were the Bay and Varitek homers (both weren't even close to staying in the yard), but all 3 of his outs were fly balls.

He still has time to settle down and get the ball down, but the fact that 9 of the 11 guys he's faced have hit the ball in the air isn't promising.

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Nice catch by Ramon leaning over into the dugout.

So far Ellsbury/Pedroia are 0-4. That's the first part of the recipe for beating BOS. Unfortunately, we've failed at another part and given up 2 HR's to Bay and Varitek. Plenty of time to come back, though.

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    • Holy cow dude. Do you have to mention Quintana in every post you make?
    • I think we already have #5 type guys.   We should be aiming higher.  
    • Sorry to derail the thread. I was having a crap day yesterday when I took it out here. I appreciate the words of support.
    • I like this idea.  Maybe he's not ALWAYS the closer, but he has the stuff to be a very good high-leverage guy.
    • Bucce is one of those guys that finally hit a little bit last year, but didn't get a ton of playing time overall and 20Ks in just 74 PA gives me pause when it doesn't come with any real power. He'll have to make Delmarva next year and we'll see how he does. Anderson DeLos Santos is still a bit interesting and I actually wrote up a quick bio for him before I knocked him off the list: Only 19-years old last season at Delmarva, Del Los Santos didn’t put up all that impressive of numbers including a 104-31 K-BB ratio in 421 PAs. But he has a little pop in the bat and although he made a few too many errors, shows some athleticism at 3B. Probably will need to repeat Delmarva next year at 20-years old but has some tools to work from and worth keeping an eye on. Same thing with Heid: Put up good numbers at AA holding batters to a .185/.280/.265/.545 slash line mostly at Aberdeen. Got a late season callup to Bowie but at 25 years old, he's long in the tooth for a prospect. He's a 91-93 MPH guy with so decent carry and his slider flashes average on occasion wit good depth. The stuff just doesn't suggest he's going to have success at the major league level though. I also did Kade Strowd who got bumped at the end. Kade Strowd: Fastball slider pitcher that sat 94-96 but who can flash 97-98 on occasion. The slider has high spin and late break and can give minor league right-handed hitters fits, but he doesn't have much to defend himself against lefties and his command wavers too often. As for Heid, the stats say he's worth watching, but the age and stuff go "eh". Can't rule him out, but I didn't see anything that suggested major league stuff.  
    • Robertson on a 1yr/10mil deal seems about the most we can afford. If that’s all we have to spend then I hope we trade for Quintana and put Wells at closer. 
    • Elias has said he would like someone with closers experience. Not really sure why that matters. I also think they only want a one year option at closer. I get that they expressed interest in Hader, if that’s true, but that really means nothing with this team. 
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