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Millar wants to return


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I post, it's just that I can't help but care about this team as passionately as I do, even though I don't want to sometimes. :) And I get frustrated with a lot of the talk on here... I think that we've become so used to losing and the concept of getting back to .500 and what have you that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. But I can't help but keep the big picture of it all in my head, and it's depressing. And I want to see this team get back to being a real force in the league, and it's not an impossible feat... my God if they can win in Tampa Bay surely it can be done elsewhere. I'm tired of this team being an also ran, or not taken seriously by anyone outside of the hardcore fans. I'm mad that most people outside of fantasy baseball players don't know how good a player Nick Markakis is, or don't know how fine a pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is, and lots of other examples of that. I just want this team to be a winner so much that I get easily angry and frustrated just thinking about it.

But I think they're on the right track, and as this board is clear evidence to, the support for the O's is still surprisingly strong given what this organization has put it fans through the last decade. The fire still burns, you know? I just want them to quit being wishy-washy over it and do whatever it takes to make this team a contender again.

Well you are certainly entitled to an opinion, I think if you can do it without the smart-ass remarks they might be given more weight, at least by me. :D

On the flip side, I'm not interested in dismissing the 2009-2010 seasons before they're even played. I want this team to be in the hunt next season... that means within 5-6 games of a playoff spot with roughly 20 games to go. Now when evaluating how this team is currently playing and has played this season, the pitching is where the problem is. Now, I understand a couple of things from the offensive perspective:

1) We shouldn't expect the same output next season as we've seen lately

2) Some players don't have a role beyond next season and need to be replaced

I think we can address both of those issues, and the pitching to a degree while trying to compete next season.

Adding Tex or Dunn if we keep Huff, adding Tex and Dunn if we trade Huff.

Signing one of Burnett(if available), Dempster, Sheets, CC


signing one year stop gaps like Lowe, Loshe, etc


Trading for a #3-#4ish type starter

Extend Roberts

Extend Nick

Our needs will be a SS, and beyond 2009 a 3b'man.

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    • This is all true. And inversely, Ortiz has the first half of the season at AAA to hit enough to demand Mateo's job.  It works both ways.  
    • It also let’s us get a better look at some of these prospects, to see what we have. I think it’s smarter to be patient and not start trading our big trade chips just yet. Hernaiz was definitely expendable, so I’m really happy with this trade. Ideally, by the trade deadline, Holliday has shown signs that he’s the future at SS and we can confidently trade from our depth at SS to improve our pitching again. 
    • Only way a Profar-Orioles rumor makes sense is if it came from Profar's agent.
    • I don't think he's ever going to comfortably part with the top guys in the system until there are clearly established players on the ML team that would actually block those players he'd be looking at trading. For example, I think once Gunnar and whomever of Westburg/Norby/Ortiz/Mayo lock down two spots (and assuming Holliday is ascending), at that point he'll look to trade whoever hasn't earned regular playing time (but is hopefully still maintaining trade value by performing well in AAA). I think he's worried of trading the wrong guys and having whoever he's left with bust at the ML level, especially if it's in pursuit of a pitcher with minimal long-term team control.
    • Interesting it's possible, I've never cared for either of the brothers so maybe Louis is in the right. I just want the team to get sold and out of this dysfunctional family's hands. 
    • Looking at some of his stats for the last two years, he really looks like the type of guy we would've ran out there for the 2012-2016 teams. H/9, K/9, BB/9, HR/9, WHIP, and K/BB all fall into ranges you would see from Tillman, Chen, Miguel Gonzales, Bud Norris, etc. They all generally had higher ERA+, I assume on account of the ballpark factors? At a glance his numbers from his two years in Oakland match up very similarly to Chen's first two years in Baltimore (2012-2013). I'd be interested in how their stuff compares and if there could be a comp there for those who may know more. I don't think he's dominant by any stretch, but I'm hopeful he can be a solid SP to a playoff rotation over the next four years.
    • I guess the only question left is whether Urias and Mateo are still on the opening day roster. The IF still seems a little crowded with Westburg and Ortiz knocking on the door.    My guess at this point is they both start the season here but at least one of them is in another uniform after the trade deadline. 
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