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Can we start a Yankees' magic number countdown?


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And WE get to do the deed! In fabled Yankee Stadium!


Much lore... of the Yanks/O's/Boston rivalry are forgotten, but it was always us, battling til October. Every year. Just was. For us to be honored to be the team, the last team in Skankee Stadium, to eliminate the Skanks out of the Playoffs....

"does a body good!"

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    • He allowed only one batted ball over 95 MPH, commanding his cutter particularly well in this one. I think the cutter is the most critical pitch for Povich to take the next step. He’s never had issues getting punch outs, he needs to be able to pitch in the zone without relying too much on his fastball. It’s also a key weapon against RHP - if you don’t have a true plus breaking ball or fastball that can overcome the platoon splits (which I don’t think Povich does), you can only make it as a LHP SP through the strength of your cutter and changeup, which are more reverse/neutral splits.  His changeup is probably not good enough to carry him on its own, so it’s the cutter that brings the whole pitch mix together.  
    • Agree he steps in the bucket. In theory should be a relatively easy fix. 
    • His back or shoulder might give out first. Hardly any talented pitcher retires without some sort of serious injury recorded.
    • Plus Member  30.8k Posted January 24 Aram Leighton from Just Baseball on Holliday “He has the tendency to pull off of the ball a bit with his front side, which can minimize his ability to use the ground and his lower half to generate more power, especially on pitches on the outer half. The move does not impede his ability to consistently make contact thanks to his adjustability and feel for the barrel. Holliday projects as an easy plus hitter with more juice to tap into.“ https://www.justbaseball.com/prospects/baltimore-orioles-top-15-prospects-for-2024/
    • I guess my point is that the difference between 91 and 93 at the MLB level is probably negligible.  I would put significant emphasis on pitch sequencing, command and control, and the ability to land his secondary pitches.  If I am recalling his repertoire correctly his most important pitch is his change up.  And it was his ability to effectively throw a breaking pitch, I think it was a Slider, that really ushered in his pre-injury success.  Now you can make the case that 2 miles per hours of fastball velocity may make the change up an even more effective pitch.  I would not argue with you about that aspect, however I am not certain it explains much about his previous success.
    • From a thread in early January titled “Breaking down Jackson Holliday’s Swing”    January 4 Makes sense but I can’t think of many, if any, ML hitters who step like that with their lead foot.  It doesn’t look good to me but who can argue with the results?     Quote    
    • As long as it's never for the O's I'm happy to see him learning new skills. 
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