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Old Yankee Stadium Demolition and New Yankee Stadium Sponsorship


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Bank of America is nearing a deal to be the primary sponsor of Yankee Stadium, but the deal would NOT include naming rights:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp is close to finalizing a deal worth as much as $20 million a year to become the biggest sponsor of the new Yankee Stadium, the New York Post reported on Tuesday.

While the extensive deal being discussed does not include naming rights to the entire new ballpark -- home of the New York Yankees baseball team -- it would make the bank the most visible sponsor there, the Post said, citing an unnamed source.

The sponsorship package could fetch as much as $20 million a year and includes prime exposure in and around the stadium, the newspaper said.


As for Old Yankee Stadium, here are the current plans for its demolition:

From March to May of 2009, the crews will work to remove all the asbestos contained in 60,000 square feet of roof and 30,000 square feet of floor tiles.

Parts of the Stadium that can be resold to collectors or reused will be yanked out by the end of May. The rest of the demolition will be completed in the spring of 2010.

Aside from obvious memorabilia, such as the 57,000 seats, the city has been coy about which pieces of the Stadium will be salvaged.

Also likely to be spared are the iconic "meeting place" bat-shaped smokestack and the famous white frieze that runs across the outfield, according to Economic Development Corp. documents.

Sports memorabilia experts say the frieze - which is actually a replica of the original 1923 Stadium's copper one - and The Bat would be difficult to sell because of their sheer size.

These are more likely to be moved, perhaps nearby to Heritage Field, which will be built atop the Ruthian ruins, said Mike Heffner, president of auctioneer Lelands.com.

From the NY Post.

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