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Would you move the O's to the NL if you could?


Stay or go?  

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  1. 1. Stay or go?

    • No, I'd keep the O's in the AL
    • Yes, I'd move the O's over to the NL

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- BOS won the WS two of the last four years.

- The AL East has won 8 of the last 15 WS.

- The AL East has represented the AL in 10 of the last 15 WS

The Yankees will look drastically different next year than they do this year.

The Yankees were winning WS titles without spending other clubs into oblivion. They built a solid team the same way the Orioles could do even with tens of millions less spent on payroll than the NYY and BOS spend now.

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Money is the worst excuse. How much have the Angels spent over the years? The Athletics? How many times have the Athletics won the division the last 10 years? Wild Card? Had winning seasons?

The Orioles have no other excuse than pathetic, inept management coupled with poor player development.

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Saying we should move to the NL says you don't believe we can ever compete in the AL again...How about we just fold up shop then?

Why not?

In all honesty, I can't see this team topping the Yanks, Sox and Rays all in the same year.

In short, I have no faith in this team. If they make the playoffs anytime soon, I'd be sohcked. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic.

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The Orioles may be at a competitive disadvantage in the AL East but the main thing holding the Orioles back is, .... wait for it, ... wait for it, ... just a bit longer, ... the Orioles. The reality is that the Orioles have been a flat out poorly run baseball organization for some time now (perhaps changing now under Andy Mcphail's watch). There is a reason that the media sometimes have used the term laughingstock when describing the Orioles over the past decade. And no, the reason is not that the media has a grudge towards us.

If the Orioles had been moved to the NL, this organization probably would never have traded Tejada and Bedard, they probably would not have drafted high enough to land Wieters (or drafted him at all since Boras represented him), Angelos may have never hired Mcphail, we wouldn't have started to put more money into the draft, and they probably would continue to resign/sign Jay Payton and Kevin Millar and Jeff Conine types and we would continue to be an under .500 type of team.

So, in sum, I don't think that the O's would be significantly closer to being a consistent playoff team (or contender) in the NL.

Cue Jim Mora ("Playoffs, ....)

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In light of a couple of threads running over in the MLB forum (one on NL inferiority, and the other on the DH), I thought I'd ask a simple question:

If you could move the O's from the AL East to the NL East (say the Nats and O's just switch places), would you do it?

Would escaping having to compete head-to-head with BOS and NYY be worth suffering through (allegedly) inferior baseball, and enduring watching pitchers try and hit?

I would consider it if the NL added the DH, but no way if not.

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