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Sept. 27th: Hangout Saturday Night at the Yard!!!


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Hangout SATURDAY Night at the Yard!!!

Last year we kicked off our “Take back the Yard” Hangout nights where Hangouters were able to get together and enjoy each others company for some Orioles baseball.

By all accounts it was a rousing success and the Baltimore Orioles have partnered with Orioles Hangout again in 2008 for more discounted games for Hangouters. With so many out of town Hangouters, we decided to move all of our Hangout nights to Saturday nights so more people can get out and enjoy the festivities.

Saturday, September 27th will be the FINAL Hangout Night at the Yard of the 2008 season, and this time we've saved the best for last.

Tickets this month are still just $8, but there's a twist: We've been upgraded from the left field upper deck to section 5 on the lower level!!! Tickets normally sell for $27 in this section.

GET TICKETS by calling Dan Stahl with the Orioles at 410-547-6239 with your ticket order no later than September 26th by 5:00pm.

Testimonials from Hangouters who attended last year’s events...

“It was a great time to get together and watch some Orioles baseball with the same people we talk to on a daily basis. Tony and Company do a great job putting these things together and it makes for a very interesting night! Most times when you go to a game, you just enjoy the game but don't have too many in depth conversations that you do when Hangouters are around.” - Agent Orange

“After connecting with this site, I finally broke down last year and went to 2 Hangout nights (both wins). Without OH I wouldn't have done that and it made me realize how much I missed it. Well worth it to put a face to the OH handle and a thoroughly great experience.” – Anything O’s

“One of my memories was the night Roy showed and SteveA was prancing around in Pickles with two beers trying to get a good buzz on. We have a great group of OH'ers. Looking forward to more frivolity this year!” – bobmc

“I don't know that I can do it justice - screaming myself hoarse with SilentJames and Scottie, watching Dr Lev keep score, getting to tell my Sal Fasano story to people who know who Sal Fasano is, talking somewhat-respectful smack with out-of-towners, having Witchy mock my Yankees loving wife (and her getting respect for being a Yankees fan born in NY, not some bandwagon jumper), getting chants going, learning about baseball from the more experienced Hangouters, having a bastion of diehard Baltimore fans among the seas of pinstripes or red socks; it's everything going to a baseball game should be. I only got into baseball in '04, so I have learned about the game through the Hangout, and by extension, Hangout Nights.” - DREKTUNES

“It's great meeting everyone live and putting handles to faces. It's just as great to get together and catch up with old OH friends. It's fun seeing a game with a group of passionate fans. It's nice to get together before hand for some beer/grub. And then there are the surprises, coincidental or planned, like the Roy Firestone night, Dollar Dogs, free O's "stuff", or whatever else.” - Baroquen131

“If you enjoy baseball, and why are you here if you don't, there is no better way to see a game. A seven time emmy award winner expressed that to me while discussing the game. Where else you gonna get to rub shoulders like that?” – weams

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I don't think I've ever sat out in Section 5 before. That would be different. But I think the boss has us booked for another excursion that evening. I'll check with Witchy but I think we won't be at this one either, unfortunately.

But thanks Tony and Scottie (and crew) for continuing to arrange these outings for all of us.

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