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A few tidbits.....


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Could be MacPhail wouldn't usually go after Tex, but he has orders to at least make an offer to look good to the fanbase.

He must think we are all stupid then.

If Tex turned down extension offers from Atlanta and Texas and Texas was willing to go 8/140, there's no way 5 years at 15 per will land him. I don't buy that we are going to be that cheap with a player Angelos really wants. As people have mentioned, it just insults Boras and when you have a player with Wieters' potential, that's not a good idea. It just doesn't add up.

Especially because we know Angelos has encouraged MacPhail to go after the top talent and money is no object. This info (while very much appreciated) conflicts with what has been printed.

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Just throwing it out there. We've seen it before.

Oh, no doubt.

I can absolutely see them saying well, we made a good effort, but in the long run it just didn't work out.

If they think that's an acceptable offer, they're nuts.

Gotta say I'm mostly disappointed with bb's news. Again, I try not to take any of it as definites, but it's stuff that is at least being mentioned, and that's concerning.

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Reference SPs, the problem with adding a Kyle Lohse (especially on a two-year deal) is that those kinds of pitchers don't normally work out, and when they do work out in year 1, the pitcher typically returns to his normal self after that. You also have to consider Duncan's history with turning around Lohse-type pitchers. If Kranitz had the same reputation I'd feel a lot better about it. I just hate the idea of going after back of the rotation, low-walk (and more than likely low-K) pitchers.

Kyle Lohse never made himself available in signing a four-year, $41 million extension with the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday.


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5years 15 per is less than what Tex was offered a year and a half ago before he was dealt from Texas, and less than what the Braves where offering...

A Token offer, just to say we treid, that wont hamper the longterm developement of the club. No problem with trying for a home town discount. Still think he resigns withe Angles or ends up in NY.

The interesting ideas are looking for mid tier arms for 2 year deals and the plan of pursuing a SS in FA. The lack of young SS prospects in the minors in all MILB in general may be a major factor. Scarcity most likely has priced the SS prospects out of the O's comfort level.

The Ramon market is going to be intersting just because of Texas and the fact that Ramon will be older and more $$$ than any of the other Catchers out on the trade market. the O's will either have to eat a huge chunk of salary or not move him at all.

I like the idea of not moving any of the young arms, and it just proves TINSTAPP is always in play.

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I have little doubt that they'll spend more than that on Tex. If they are comfortable with 6/$96M right now, then I don't see them balking if it gets as high as 6/$108 - 7/$126M. I think Angelos steps in here and pushes his weight around, where MacPhail probably normally wouldn't go higher than the 6/$96M bid.

Like that we aren't interested in any of the expensive second tier pitchers. Go after the stop gaps to hold some respectability next year, but don't commit major dollars down the road to mediocre arms.

Not psyched about spending on a SS, but it'd be better than what we had this year as long as we don't lose draft picks.

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Eh, some good things, some bad here.

I agree with 1970 and others that relievers should not be targeted, we just have too many young and cheap talented guys who can fill those roles.

Also agree that trying to find the next Lohse is not something to be relied on. I have no problem signing a guy or two like him to cheap deals though. Would like them to pursue Burnett however, and possibly other alternatives to him.

Seems that they are valuing draft picks if this is true, so that's a plus.

Don't want OCab, but wouldn't be an awful stop gag depending on the contract, just not a good option imo.

Furcal is someone who interests me more, he at least has a lot of talent, would depend on the contract and what if any pick he would cost us.

And yeah, if that's what they plan on offering Tex, don't bother.

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Guest rochester
So he did, I stand corrected.

For reference's sake, giving up actual talent for a couple of relievers may be an even worse idea than signing them as FAs - unless they're young and good. And if they're young, then the Orioles likely won't want to add them as they obviously no longer trust young relievers.

Aww c'mon. Is it possible that these RP trades are for young potential starters that start out in the BP?

Don't trust young relievers? Maybe don't trust young relievers that implode(?)

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Starting pitching - Sounds like the path is two of Byrd, Odalis Perez, Wolf, Moehler, or Pavano

1B - If no Tex I am kind of surprised they are not talking extension to Huff.

SS- Adam Everett, here come the O's.

DCab - I can see them keeping him if the reports that they are keeping Johnson in the pen are true. DCab will probably be in the pen by July 1st if not sooner. He will get $3.5-7.

Sounds like a mid 70's in wins in '09 philosophy. Waiting for a winning but not playoff year in '10.

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Come on guys. It is not the end of the world if what BB said comes true. I don't mind having O. Cabrera as the SS. He is a lot better than what we as fans have had to watch this year. As for the low offer for Tex well i don't believe Tex would have in any way want to coem to Baltimore. I believe he will stay with the Angels. And picking up some pitchers that are not top end wil work out okay i beleive. By late 2009 or 2010 all the young pitchers that are now in AA will be up to Baltimore. IMO

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    • emmett16 is right. Uppercut swings produce a lot of groundouts because the bat is not on the same plane as the ball for very long. The best swing stays on the same plane as the ball for a longer time. This will produce contact that creates backspin on the ball which makes it carry. That Ted Williams book is one of the best hitting books ever written.
    • I have to admit. I'm an addict. I'm an addict not of booze or drugs. I'm an addict for baseball .... It's still THE game for me and I love almost any team sport. But for me, when it's great, it's still the greatest game of them all. I hate to say it, but when my team wins ...it's like a hit of crack or coke and I have never and will never try those drugs. This one is a better high anyway. It's an adrenaline rush for me. It comes from my heart and soul. Like the other night in Anaheim I sat transfixed on the game. I dont need to look at the silly shell games on a scoreboard, nor hear what the players favorite singer is.. or eat a lot of junk, but I DO have to have my bag of peanuts. The Orioles were clinging to a one run lead, when, with the bases loaded, Mike Trout stepped up to the plate...a single and the game is tied...an extra base hit and the Orioles lose. Our pitcher Craig Kimbrel had to throw a strike to one of the all time greats, and somehow, someway, Trout looked at a third strike and the Orioles won. I lept into the air as if I had a million dollars on the game. I never bet on sports, but this was a better high than winning any bet anyway. Because it is pure and it comes from my deep place of caring when the 'Birds' win. Today in Anaheim, another nail biter, the game was in the ninth with two out and a runner on first. Suddenly the runner broke for second and catcher James McCann threw a strike to second base. Gunnar Henderson covering, made the tag and the ump called the runner out. And the game ended that way. Bang Bang. Personally I thought it was a blown call, but after review the call was upheld and the Orioles won another nail biter. I dont watch many other games, but every night I hit the crack pipe" of baseball. It's my addiction. I also love watching fantastic performers. Mookie Betts is an electric ballplayer . can do anything at the plate and in the field. The Orioles' Henderson is a must see ballplayer like Betts is. On Wednesday he hit a home run, a double, a single, drove in 3 runs got hit by a pitch , stole a base and made two game saving plays in the field. Baseball is a team sport but it's also watching the brilliant, mesmerizing individual performances. It's watching the best players in the world do what I think is the most difficult thing in sports , hit a baseball, throw a baseball, and field a baseball. It's hard to do. Anyway,it's still just April and it's a long, long season. Bryant Gumble once had a great line about the difference between football and baseball. He said "Baseball, is a never ending romance, but football is a one night stand." Yep, I'm an addict, a baseball junkie, and I make no apologies for it. I'll never go to rehab for my baseball addiction. I don't NEED to be cured. And I never will be. Jim Bouton said it best in "Ball Four" his great book. "In all the years you grip a baseball...you suddenly remember, it's really the other way around" Exactly.
    • Especially when you factor in the DL Hall trade too.  Suarez and Wells get bumped to the pen only if Bradish and Means are effective starters a decent part of the season.  Would the O's promote Povich or McDermott to pitch relief?  My guess is not anytime soon, but I dunno. A trade would for one or two arms would be best, but trading for good relief pitching is only harder now because so many teams can make the playoffs.  
    • But O'Hearn's numbers are inflated because he never bats against lefties, plus he's trash in the outfield.  If Santander's hitting does not improve this season of course you don't give him a QO, but that's unlikely.  He'll probably pick it up as the weather heats up.  Plus Tony plays at least a decent RF and can play first base too.   Like others have said, should the O's offer Santander a QO?  Maybe -- it depends on how he performs and how Kjerstad and Stowers perform.  
    • Wait, since when is money no object? It remains to be seen what the budget constraints are going to be with the new ownership, but if Santander is projected to put up 3.0 WAR for $20 million and his replacement (Kjerstad/Cowser/Stowers...) can put up 2.5 WAR for less than a million then that will be factored in.  The goal will never be about being better than the other 29 teams in a payroll vacuum.
    • I think you have a good understanding and I assume you’ve read Ted Williams Science of Hitting.  It’s all about lining up planes of pitch and bat.  Historically with sinkers and low strikes a higher attack angle played and was more in alignment with pitch plane.  In today’s game of spin and high zone fastball an uppercut swing gives you minimal chance and results in top spin grounders and swing & miss. 
    • I'll bow to your expertise even if it seems unlikely to my laymen understanding. 
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