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Who's the #6 prospect?


Who's the number six prospect?  

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  1. 1. Who's the number six prospect?

    • Brad Bergesen
    • Brandon Erbe
    • David Hernandez
    • Nolan Reimold
    • Brandon Snyder

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I voted for Bergesen. It may be an overreaction to Cabrera and Liz, but I'd like to see what somebody who doesn't rely on making hitters miss can do. His K/BB is better than that of Hernandez as well, and almost as good as Erbe's. He's also a level higher than Erbe (albeit two years older), and he's more consistent. You can point to Erbe's great outings, but you can't ignore his awful ones. Bergesen's other strength is that he can go deeper into games than any of the other pitchers at Bowie, over a full inning per start more than Hernandez. Again, maybe this is because I don't want another Cabrera or Liz, and it very well could be. Bergesen's upside probably isn't more than a #4 starter or top setup man, a Paul Byrd or Scott Linebrink, but IMO, he's a better bet to reach it than somebody inconsistent like Hernandez or Erbe. And that's something I weight heavily, probably more so than most here.

I almost voted for Snyder, and I think he could be the next selection. My money's on Erbe, though.

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I went with Hernandez. I know that won't be a popular choice, but I actually wanted him at #5.

#7 for me is Erbe. I have Hernandez slotted above Erbe simply because, despite the fact that Erbe is younger, Hernandez has proven it at a higher level and is almost ML ready. I know if you go with potential, Erbe is definitely higher, but I just see Hernandez having a better chance of reaching his potential.

Just my 2 cents.

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I'll put the five for five on the line going with with Erbe over Snyder even though I like Snyder better.

Snyder's last two months at Frederick were ridiculous, but Erbe is younger and I've read quotes that he may be a few adjustments away from top prospect type status - something you really don't read with Snyder.

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The great thing is, all five guys in the poll are legitimate options. I voted for Erbe but you could justify any of them.

I was just about to say that...it's a sign that our system is finally getting deeper... :)

I'll vote for Erbe too, using Tony's logic about putting Rowell 5th...but I won't be surprised if it's any of the others.

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