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Top 15 Third Basemen in 2009 Draft

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Added my 3B ranking to the blog. He's the excerpt with the actual top 15:

Fall 2009: Top 15 Third Basemen

1. Matt Davidson, Senior, Yucaipa HS (CA)

2. Bobby Borchering, Senior, Bishop Verot HS (FL)

3. Mike Spina, Senior, University of Cincinnati

4. Cade Kreuter, Senior, Hart HS (CA)

5. William Myers, Senior, Weseleyan Christian Academy (NC)

6. Jayce Boyd, Senior, Tate HS (FL)

7. Michael Heller, Senior, Sarasota Mooney HS (FL)

8. Bart Roark, Senior, East Tennessee State University

9. Kevin Mahoney, Junior, Canisius College

10. Chris Dominguez, Junior, University of Louisville

11. Shane Brown, Junior, University of Central Florida

12. Patrick Long, Junior, Georgia Tech

13. Travis Sample, Junior, University of Arkansas

14. Tommy Mendonca, Junior, Fresno State University

15. Brooks Hall, Senior, T.L. Hanna HS (SC)

Best Hitter: Matt Davidson

Best Power: Matt Davidson

Best Defense: Matt Davidson

Best Arm: Michael Heller

Best Speed: Mike Spina

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In your opinion, does Borchering project to go in the 1st rd or 1st Supplemental? It's early, but he's on my list of hopefuls for the O's 2nd rd pick.

Yeah, I think when all is said and done he will go in the Supplemental. With a good Spring he could be swiped towards the end of the 1st round if a team really likes his bat. He has an outstanding arm and I think he is solid enough to stay at 3B, long term.

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Davidson is tops in both defense and hitting and power, yet he doesn't make Pappas's top 10. Does this mean that 3B is relatively weak this year or you have a higher opinion of him?

I have a higher opinion of him. I like his bat more that Tate's, though Tate is still in the current overall Top 10 for me. To be honest, Keith Law is the only other "draft guy" I have seen with Davidson in the Top 10. That doesn't mean much, other than it's obvious that reasonable people can have differing views on rankings when you are talking about a lot of talent that is somewhat comparable (compared to last year's draft where there was a more distinct cut-off from the "elite" crop).

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    • Yep. I'd rather use the 40 man slot on him than a rule V catcher. Of course I don't generally like adding rule V players so that shouldn't be a big surprise.
    • Are we talking about Maverick Handley?
    • And unlike a rule V catcher, you can send him down.
    • Abreu has still got a lot left in the tank, IMO, but between the new dimensions at OPACY and the fact that we already have a 1B in Mountcastle, he wasn't a great fit.  Either Abreu was going to be getting a lot of DH bats or Mountcastle would be dealt.    
    • Someone from another team somewhere is probably saying, “We should look at that kid because he could play top level defense as backup and we could work on his bat with our MLB coaches. “ He isn’t going to hurt anyone playing a couple of times a week or a defensive replacement late in the game. 
    • Maybe not.  We also don’t have the advantage of OPACY anymore either. I probably  would have been ok at 3/70. Its always hard to say because we don’t know what else is going on but I think, in a vacuum, 3/70 for him would have been fine for a team with nothing on the payroll. He could never play for you and that contract wouldn’t hurt you.  
    • An .825 OPS in the Arizona Fall League is not crushing it.   I doubt they go Rule 5 for catcher.   I think they might take a flier on a hard throwing reliever type.   I actually saw a good list of minor league FA's who sounded better than anything they are likely to get in the Rule 5 so maybe they are just waiting for the Rule 5 to pass to actually sign one or more of them. Baseball America has their Rule 5 1.0 up and no Orioles listed amongst the 15 players they highlighted. This guy is a minor league FA P - Guillermo Zuniga, RHP: This is a pure power pitcher gamble as Zuniga may have the best pure stuff on the minor league free agent market. His four-seam fastball sits 96-98 mph with high spin rates, he pairs that with a high-80s changeup with tumble and fade and a high-spin low-90s sweeping slider with bite. He shows above-average command of his slider but below-average command of both his fastball and changeup. There’s three legitimate above-average or better pitches and at 24 there’s still plenty of upside.   So is this guy P - Angel Perdomo, LHP: We’ve seen Perdomo in the major leagues in parts of two seasons with Milwaukee in 2020 and 2021. He was put on waivers and claimed by the Rays in July of 2022 and has shown flashes of bullpen dominance. After he was acquired by the Rays, Perdomo was assigned to Triple-A Durham. There he made 21 appearances for the Bulls and flashed serious stuff. The only lefthander on my staff, Perdomo pitched extremely well over the final few months of the season, striking out 48 batters to 12 walks over 29.2 innings, holding opposing batters to a .160 batting average. Beyond his performance in 2022, Perdomo has arguably some of the best stuff in the minor league free agent class with a four-seam fastball that sits 92-94 mph with heavy ride and above-average spin rates, a high-spin low-80s slider with sweep and a high-80s changeup that plays well off of his fastball. It’s an older reliever profile but maybe Perdomo figured something out with his pitch mix during his time with the Rays.   And this guy P - Michel Otanez, RHP: On pure stuff alone Otanez has three pitches that register as plus according to pitch grading models like Stuf+. His four-seam fastball sits 98-99 mph and touched 103 mph per Trackman in 2022. He pairs that with two good secondaries in a tight mid-80s slider and a low-90s changeup with tumble and fade. Strikes have been an issue but that’s the rub with Otanez. If you can get Otnaez to harness his big stuff he could be a high-leverage weapon, he’s just never been able to do that for any sustained stretch.  
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