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A Diferent Mock Draft

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While I would not be disappointed with Crow (barring injury or other negative development), I really hope Green or Ackley are there at 5. Similar to my feelings last year when I hoped for a bat - we should be able to come out with an impact player, regardless.

Draft#:1Stephen StrasburgHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:RHPDrafted From:San Diego StateDraft#:2Alex WhiteHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:RHPDrafted From:UNCDraft#:3Grant GreenHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:SSDrafted From:USCDraft#:4Dustin AckleyHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:CF/1BDrafted From:UNCDraft#:5Aaron CrowHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:RHPDrafted From:Fort Worth CatsDraft#:6Tanner ScheppersHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:RHPDrafted From:Fresno StateDraft#:7Kyle GibsonHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:RHPDrafted From:MissouriDraft#:8Donovan TateHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:CFDrafted From:Cartersville HS (GA)Draft#:9Tyler MatzekHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:LHPDrafted From:Capistrano Valley HS (Calif.)Draft#:10*Andy OliverHt/Wt:/ lbsPosition:LHPDrafted From:Oklahoma State
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