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Anyone else catch the commercial that was sometime during the first few innings of the World Series for the new MLB Network?

Apparently a MLB Network, which I assume will be like the NFL Network, is coming in January.

I wonder what companies will be carrying it and the fee they would charge for it.

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    • This is a reason I don’t want to sign him long term. I think he’s going to be a very solid guy for the next several years but I’m not paying him ace level money.  Just don’t see him being that good 3+ years from now. If we could sign him for 5/200 or less, I would do it but that’s not likely to get it done.
    • '21 - 12.6 K/9 '22 - 10.8 K/9 '23 -9.3 K/9
    • Povich #4 behind a couple of obvious ones and ahead of some notables. https://pitcherlist.com/the-stash-list-week-4-top-10-pitching-prospects-to-stash-in-2024/
    • It's semantics obviously.  I agree that questioning if he's ready is fair.  I think saying anything definitively after 32 PA is not. He did hit one yesterday right on the screws in a big spot.  If that ball goes 2-3 feet in either direction the conversation today is probably a little different.  He looked bad against the lefty reliever, but I expect him to look bad against pretty much all lefty relievers at this point in his career.  
    • https://pitcherlist.com/the-stash-list-week-4-top-10-hitting-prospects-to-stash-in-2024/ I debated about where to post this because it's relevant in a few discussions.  But landed here because HK is tops.  Mayo and Norby make appearances as well. Caveat emptor as it's a fantasy list...
    • My original post on the subject was simply that we need more Ks out of him and that I don’t think it will be an issue. That said, if he continues to be a low K rate guy with league average missed bat rates (which he won’t), that means he’s not likely to be an elite, CY level starter.  Doesn’t mean he can’t be good but there’s a difference between good and elite. Going back to what you said in response to what I said, I’m not judging him off of these starts. I’m not saying this is who he is or will be going forward. Just saying that if this becomes a trend, he won’t be as effective as we hope he will be.
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