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Dean Kremer 2021

Il BuonO

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NEW YORK YANKEES )))))) (April 6th)

David John "D.J." LeMahieu - 2B

Aaron James "A.J." Judge  - RF

Brett Gardner - CF

Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton - DH

Gleyber David Torres Castro - SS

Clint Jackson "C.J." Frazier - LF

Jay Bruce - 1B

Giovanny Urshela Salcedo - 3B

Kyle Higashioka - C

Gerrit Alan Cole - RHP )) (0-0, 3.38 ERA)





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I don’t think a pitcher should concern himself with who the opposing pitcher is.    Just go out there and handle the opposing team’s lineup as best as you possibly can, and let the chips fall where they may.   In case anyone’s forgotten, we won an Akin - Cole matchup last September, though Akin didn’t get the decision.  

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77% of the outs that Kremer recorded (7 out of 9) came via the Strikeout and the Groundout. Other than that he threw lots of pitches, walked too many batters, and didn't eat enough innings.



9 OUTS: )  5 Strikeouts, 2 Groundouts, 1 Popout, 1 Flyout



DEAJUNIOR "D.J." KREMER )))))))) (vs. YANKEES, 4/06) 

IP:ll.3 - PLUS

H:lllll.5 ) l(1 Home Run, 4 Singles)

R:llll 3



Pitches: l) 85 )(51)Strikes, )34)Balls)

2021 ERA: l) 9.00 )  3.00 IP  (3 ER) 

2021 WHIP: l)  3.000  )  3.00 IP  (9 H/BB) 

2021 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)  .357  )(5 for 14)   




24  ll(14 llStrikes, ll10 llllBalls)

19  lll(13 llStrikes, llll61 llBalls)

22  lll(16 ll.Strikes, lllll61 llBalls)

20  ll(81 llStrikes, ll12 llllBalls) ) *


* )) Kremer did not record any outs before departing in the 4th inning.



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42 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

Stuff was pretty good, command wasn't great. Threw a lot of first pitch CB but FB command wasn't there. Did not make a lot of mistakes in the zone but nibbled too much. 

Kremer struggled throwing strikes last year as well.  That’s what it’s all about for him.

Fastball command will probably determine if he’s a starter or reliever.

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37 minutes ago, O-The-Memories said:

Give him some time, he has talent and proved that he can be an effective starter when he is pitching well. If he doesn't pan out it will really hurt, because it will make it even more likely that we didn't receive much of a return from our firesale of talent. 

I think the firesale was largely a bust, and thought so at the time as well.  I think it was more important in symbolism/change of philosophy than it was in bringing in meaningful talent.

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