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April 24: Athletics vs Orioles vs Mother Nature


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Gametime:  7:05

Forecast:  Rain front will come through sometime between 6pm and 8pm and once it starts raining it won't stop until tomorrow morning

Scheduled starters:  Chris Bassitt (R) vs Wade LeBlanc (L)

I will be in Section 326 Row 3 if anyone wants to stop by and say hi.   If they even try to play.


I will be going out before the game all afternoon so someone else will provide these.

Orioles Bullpen (last used)

       Paul Fry* (0.2 IP, 13p Tuesday)
       Adam Plutko (1.1 IP, 20p Tuesday)
       Tanner Scott* (0.2 IP, 12p Tuesday)
       Cesar Valdez (1.1 IP, 16p Tuesday)
       Tyler Wells (2.1 IP, 24p Saturday Apr 11)

   May be available:
       Shawn Armstrong (1.0 IP, 11p yesterday, 0.0 IP, 18p Tuesday)
       Travis Lakins (1.0 IP, 4p yesterday; 1.1 IP, 24p Wednesday)
       Dillon Tate (1 IP, 18 pitches yesterday; 0.2 IP, 5p Wednesday)

   Not available:
       Cole Sulser (2.0 IP, 22p yesterday;  1.1 IP, 35p Wednesday)

*Lefthanders indicated by asterisks

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Missed last night's game (thread.) Was going on 3 hours sleep Thursday night. When I got home from dinner last night I couldn't keep my eyes open. Checked and MASN was showing the O's replay at 11:30. Took a wonderful 3 hour nap and watched it "live" at 11:30.


Weather looks bad. 8, 9 o'clock supposed to start raining. If we start, and WHEN rains stops it... will they resume from that point tomorrow? Or wipe it out and play a 7 inning DH tomorrow? Only time Oakland is in town this year.


I'll get the lineups, if Paddy doesn't beat me to it. I've got to get groceries. By then I'll have ANOTHER computer cable to install so I have my DVD player back.

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Chris Bassitt )followed up his solid 2019 season with an even better 2020 season ...... his 3.81 ERA in 2019 went down to 2.29 in 2020, and his 1.194 WHIP in 2019 went down to 1.159 in 2020. 



Mark Canha - LF  

Jed Lowrie - 2B 

Matthew Olson - 1B

Matthew Chapman - 3B 

Ramon Laureano - CF

Stephen Piscotty - RF

Sean Murphy - C 

Mitchell Moreland - DH

Elvis Augusto Andrus Torres - SS

Christopher M. Bassitt - RHP )) (1-2, 4.43 ERA)



Boyce Cedric Mullins II - CF

Joseph Anthony "Trey" Mancini III - 1B 

Demetrius Jeromes "D.J." Stewart - LF

Maikel Franco - 3B

Rio Ruiz - 2B

Pedro Severino De Leon  - DH

Freddy Galvis - SS

Austin Charles Bryan "C.B." Hays - RF

Chance Thomas Leo Sisco - C

Wade Matthew LeBlanc - LHP )) (0-0, 5.40 ERA)





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4 hours ago, scOtt said:

By then I'll have ANOTHER computer cable to install so I have my DVD player back.

GOD I hate working on computers!!!

I mean... I'm GOOD at it. Partly from much experience, but more so because I'm good at figuring out and recovering from the st00p1d mistakes I make along the way. :rolleyes:


All is well now tho! BETTER than ever! :disco:

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