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Quick Question About Two Locals...

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Hey all... I was sitting here remembering back in the early part of the decade, around 2001 or 2002, the same years that Tex and Gavin Floyd were getting a lot of love as players either getting drafted out of the MIAA or having been from the MIAA, there were a couple guys at Archbishop Spalding High School. They're one of the big powerhouses in the MIAA A conference, a rival of MSJ's and Calvert Hall's.

A couple guys stood out in my mind from that team, namely Adam Berkshire and Mike Bonolis. I have no idea if these guys were ever drafted- I seem to remember Berkshire playing somewhere on scholarship, and I know Bonolis went to a local community college looking to gain a scholarship to a top level school.

Anyway, just curious if anyone knew of anything on these guys, where they ended up, etc. I've tried googling and haven't had much luck, would really appreciate any info anyone could provide on these two.

Thanks alot to all.

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