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Losing Streak Now At Eight (Game Recap)


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    • Sorry. Stepped away for a few hours and just saw this response. Just to be clear, I was specifically thinking of a pitcher more valuable than Cease. I do not think you give up 3 top 100 prospects (excluding our top 3) for Cease. I think it could take that plus more for a legit guy with more control.  Exactly my point. Not sure I worded it perfectly in my original post a few pages ago.
    • Those same people would be upset if we had traded for Robert Stephenson during last season.  However, they'd be thrilled if we gave Stephenson 3/39.   The dream online team is to have an all home grown group of position players headlined by a pitching staff of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer for next year.  Maybe people would be upset if we couldn't pull off a Beavers/Norby trade for Spencer Strider.  
    • Orioles to open 2024 season at Oriole Park, introduce tweaks to home game start times - CBS Baltimore (cbsnews.com) This is just dumb. Some of us actually enjoy a Saturday evening out at a local sports bar or watching from home on a Saturday night. I get pushing them up pre Memorial day because of the cold, but mid summer? Just dumb all around.
    • Despite being a great pitcher, Nola had a bad ERA this year. I’m guessing the Orioles were only interested in the slim chance that he was going to end up with a below market deal with the Orioles being an attractive rebound destination given the wall and a competitive team.  I’d be floored if the Orioles were in on Nola at anywhere near what he got, but I suppose it’s positive they were at least doing their due diligence.
    • Of course people didn’t think he would. The stupidity of all of these arguments are these people who think it’s some ridiculous thought that people think guys who have been complete failures for their career are not worthy of signing and that the team should be aiming higher.       
    • No, I don’t think they were. 
    • Wait, don't drag me into your fight. I remember not being thrilled with the O'Hearn signing because I thought the cost of a guy who was going to be AAA depth at #1.3 million was unnecessary. I do also remember saying that he did have some analytics that suggested he'll be better without the shift. Let's remember though, I thought Stowers was going to be a semi-regular between RF/LF/DH and not buried like they did early in the season last year.  I don't remember anyone thinking O'Hearn was going to have the year he ended up having. Now I was probably the biggest voice against the Frazier signing and I was right. That signing never made sense for the dollar amount and the players already on hand. But this is a Uwasawa thread. Back to that.
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