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NL Gold Glove Winners Announced Today


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I don't think Young is as good as Jeter!

I'm not sure which is worse but they're both clearly well below average. With Jeter I always assumed the explanation was that the voters were turned on by his patented little jump-throw that he does to compensate for his weak arm and the handful of highlight reel plays where he dives into the stands at opportune moments, but with Young I really don't understand. He's not good OR flashy.

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Young? As in the SS in Texas?

As in one of the worst fielding SS in baseball?

Well, Young did beat out Jeter for the best fielding percentage among AL shortstops in 2008. :)

Looking at the 2008 Fielding Bible Awards voting, that panel ranked Young 11th among major league shortstops. However, there were only 2 ranked better (Cabrera and Aybar) and Aybar only played 98 games for the Angels, so perhaps Young was just the coin toss winner among a weak AL field?

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An interesting argument going on over on one of the Cardinals forums about whether Pujols was robbed of a gold glove or not.


I don't care what all the defensive stats say. I care what the good defensive stats say. Pujols was the best defensive player in baseball the last two years. Ignore reality if you like.

According to the Dewan system, Pujols had the highest +/- in 2006 & 2007 of any player in baseball. You can argue about it all you want, but pretending it's a ridiculous suggestion just makes you look stupid.

I think it's nice Adrian gets some recognition. He is really good.

Fielding bible has McLouth as one of the three worst outfielders in baseball. Just like Jeter was the worst shortstop when he won his gold glove. (And still is.) Glaus wasn't deserving in the same way that Jeter wasn't...Troy gets nothing to his left and doesn't exactly cover the line either. Steady when he can get to it. Victorino is a bit of an odd choice, he has tools but his fundamentals still leave something to be desired.

Oh, and best defensive player in baseball is Albert Pujols? I beg your pardon? Pujols is overrated defensively because he steals so many balls out of his zone. A good defender shouldn't make a play more difficult than it needs to be, and Albert has made a habit of ranging 20 feet to his right and throwing it back across his body to the pitcher. Looks good on the +/- charts and zone ratings, but it isn't the best way to play first base.

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